This Late Bloomer is Taking Another Leap

Today I am grateful for the family time we had together yesterday and the nice Father's Day my husband Darcy had. I also appreciate the cool air this morning after some hot and humid days.

Last week this late bloomer and slow learner took another leap into the blogosphere. I launched my second blog, titled "Late Bloomer and Slow Learner," after months of contemplation and weeks of tinkering with a new blog platform. Here is a link to the blog and my most recent post.

I will continue blogging habitually about gratitude, but it may be a little less habitually. This blog has taught me so much more about gratitude and humility and also makes me a better writer. Practice makes progress possible, both when it comes to gratitude and writing.

"Habitual Gratitude" has also given me the tremendous gift of allowing a regular way to honor my writing. I used to be a frustrated writer. Many days would go by with the hope of time to write. But the hope would be dashed by my to-do lists or my fears or life's curve balls or all the above.

Now I begin most days by blogging and giving the writer within the dignity of time and energy. I am a more content and inspired writer because of that. I can't say for sure where "Late Bloomer and Slow Learner" will take me, but if it is anything like "Habitual Gratitude," I look forward to ending up in new places, as a writer and as a spiritual being on this human path.


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