Watching the Olympics

Today I am grateful for easy television viewing of the Olympics, the incredible athletes competing there, and the history they are making.

There has been some controversy and concerns regarding the Rio Olympics, but when it comes down to it, many athletes have dedicated countless hours over several years to get to the Olympics. We average athletes can be amazed by their skills and strengths, and respect that it took more than just natural talent to succeed.

We were traveling when the Rio Games started and I wasn't all that interested. Slowly, I started tuning in and now each evening I have been enjoying swimming and gymnastics, among other things. I look forward to the start of the track and field events in the coming days. These are some of my favorites.

Hearing the Olympic theme always grabs me in a good way. It takes me back to my youth when we would watch them on our black and white TV and I would be inspired to dream my own Olympic dreams.

I never did make it to the Olympics, but the dreams didn't hurt me. They helped me aspire to be more.
I appreciate getting to watch others' Olympic dreams unfold, and to also continue to have my own dreams-no longer as many athletic ones, but dreams nonetheless. Onward! Dreams take work!