Keeping It Simple With Yogurt

Today I am grateful for pleasant time with my good friend Betsy last evening.  I miss seeing her regularly. I am also grateful for the messages I receive when I am paying attention.

This is the message I saw on my yogurt lid the other day:

Thank you to Chobani yogurt for this little tidbit. And thank you for the ease of a healthy snack provided.

This is a sentiment I have tried to live out in my own life each day. Some days are easier than others. Some days are better than others. Some days I dwell on yesterday. Some days I fear tomorrow.

Yet, any day I practice gratefulness allows me to spend more time in the right day. This one.

Daily recovery and wellness require daily work. There is joy in the work and effort. And there is definitely joy in the results of the effort. 

Starting fresh today. Onward!