Count on Me

Today I am grateful for laughter and for time with our grandson Leo. I am also grateful for the way songs inspire me.

Yesterday on my way to pick Sam up from football practice, I heard "Count on Me" by Jefferson Starship. Released in 1978, it is a song I have always liked. Really a love song, it's more the refrain of "count on me" that touches me. 

As I listened yesterday, I felt a tide of gratitude rising. Appreciation for people in my life that I can count on to offer support and encouragement, as well as loving honesty when I need it. My husband, my sisters, long-time friends, and fellow recovering alcoholics and addicts are some that come to mind, as do other family members and work connections.

I have faith in a Higher Power/Great Spirit that I can count on to always be there too. I didn't always feel that way. There is such a sense of peace in faith. 

I am never lonely, even when I am alone.

I strive to be the person others count on as well. It starts by getting out of my own head and being aware of others and how they are doing. Gratitude practice gets me out of my own head.


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