Energy Sources

Today I am grateful for my body's capabilities and strengths. I am also grateful that energy can come from many sources.

I was thinking about energy last evening as I witnessed a high level of it and excitement among new students and parents at the school I work at. We hosted an orientation event for them. I enjoy such times because I feel helpful. I can answer questions, be reassuring, and show my own excitement for a new school year.

What are my trusted energy sources?  Exercise and the endorphins it releases. Sleep, though I have been lacking in that the last days. Recovery and faith in a Higher Power. The people in my life who nourish and nurture me in so many ways--family, friends, co-workers. And yes, even coffee.

Another consistent source is this blog and the other ways I actively practice gratitude. It takes time and some effort, but what I receive back is a healthier perspective and a deeper peace. Peace preserves my energy and stretches it. Frenzy and overthinking do the opposite.

Today I will seek peace and positive energy through mindful attention to the many blessings around me.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Reading this makes me nostalgic for my teaching days. I loved the start of each new school year. I do miss that excitement and anticipation. And the students. And as for my energy sources...I guess they are my family, pets, writing, blogging, daily walks, memories of dear loved ones, definitely sleep and oh yes, definitely coffee for me too. Thank you for nudging me to think about these things. Hope the new school year is off to a great start for you!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Glad I could nudge you, just like the students will nudge me to be patient, accepting, and joyful. :-)


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