The Results of Procrastination

Today I am grateful for an enjoyable evening at our county fair, including the food of course, and for my job.

Yesterday I did a little procrastinating regarding that job and the result was a clean car. I got around to some work before the morning was over, but only after a little avoidance. I first dropped my son off for driver's ed class and filled my car up with gas. I decided to use a free car wash we had. 

Some tar on the windshield needed extra effort to remove. Then, I figured I might as well wipe out the inside since I hadn't done that for awhile. When I was wiping the car out it became obvious that a vacuuming would be helpful. 

I did go through a week's worth of work email between the wiping out and vacuuming, so my procrastinating was only half-hearted. It was part procrastination, part easing back into. And for me, easing back into goes better than rushing headlong like I have been known to do. It allows me a sane pace and more mindful presence.

The car is clean. A few hours of school work got done. Sometimes a little procrastinating
goes a long way. 


  1. I find that if I jump into something with too much enthusiasm, I burn out. Is it my age or am I learning.

  2. It's both :-) You seem like one who plans to never stop learning, but it seems to me as I age that the pace is a little different. Thanks Lana!


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