Frailty and Fragility

Today I am grateful for a closet full of clothes and for the people who support me in recovery from

Circumstances with family, friends, and at work in recent days have reminded me of the precious and fragile nature of life. And of human frailty and the many forms it can take; from my mom's aging body, eyes, and mind, to the power of addiction, to those afflicted with mental illness, and more.

Some of us survive to see another day, some of us do not. That is what makes each day a gift. We can all probably name close calls and near misses in our own lives, or health scares and other significant hurdles in life that could have gone very badly for us, yet we made it through.

We have all suffered losses, some minor, others major. There is plenty of grief to go around, and none of us remains immune to loss.

In remembering the losses, in considering our human frailties, in contemplating our fragile existence, therein lies the key to today. To wake up is to be given a wonderful opportunity to keep living, loving, growing, sharing, giving, and receiving.

"Each day is a gift unto itself."  Treat it as such. Moment by moment. Hour by hour.