Eternal Flame

Today I am grateful for a much-needed nap yesterday afternoon and for music that touches my heart and brings me peace.

On my way home from work the other day, the song "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles came on the radio. It's a song I have always liked. The windows were down and the radio was up. It energized me when I had little energy left.

That is what songs we like do for us. They uplift and open us. "Eternal Flame" is a love song, but that is not where I find meaning in it.

The song came out in 1989, the year I got sober. Symbolically, alcohol nearly extinguished my fire and my life. Recovery has given me a chance to keep going, to keep heart and soul afire so to speak. 

An eternal flame also reminds me that I am just one small spark in a fire that has been burning long before I got here and will hopefully continue long after I am gone. Faith in God or a Higher Power tells me that the flame is safe, that it will not burn out.

Sparks are vital though. Today I will appreciate the sparks in my life, the things that fuel me, the people that share their positive energy.