14 Random Thoughts

Today I am grateful for the cool AND less humid air we have been waiting for and for the teamwork my husband Darcy and I have concerning family.

I am also grateful for this blog and the opportunities it gives me as a writer and a person seeking more gratefulness and mindfulness.

I have reached another century mark with "Habitual Gratitude." This is post #1400.

In honor of it, I am scaling back from 1400 to just 14 random thoughts.

Some came to me on Saturday's training run. Others came through in a quiet moment.
Here they are:

1. Writing saves my sanity.
2. People name their boats some pretty clever things.
3. Our son Sam starts high school soon. He is excited and so are we.
           But I would be lying if I said I didn't have some fear too. 
4. There are worse things to be hooked on than coffee.
5. Watching the changing seasons along the Mississippi River is a real treat.
6. Some days the clouds are just what I need.
7. Running in the rain isn't ideal, but it is still kind of fun.
8. My job creates stress for me at times, but it also reduces stress at times too.
9. I wish I could see my friend Sheila regularly, but I appreciate whenever we can talk.
10. Change from the familiar can be hard,  but it can be done and often brings growth.
11. I appreciate every person who takes the time to read any of my posts. It is important
           for me to know that I have readers out there.
12. Just listening to some people can be exhausting, but it also teaches me acceptance.
13. I have more people in my life who bring me energy than those who zap it.
14. A fresh haircut feels good.


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