Our House

Today I am grateful for time with extended family, a beautiful wedding for our niece and her husband, and safe travels as we covered over 1900 road miles in the last week.

Congratulations to our niece Rena and her new husband Andrew! Wishing you all the best. It was nice to meet Keegan, who will also be officially joining our family when he marries our niece Marissa in a few weeks.

On recent travels to the wedding in Colorado, several family members rented a house for a few days. Eleven of us, including four siblings and our spouses, shared the space. It gave us each enough privacy, along with some nice common areas. 

We enjoyed meals together, numerous conversations, and time on the back patio. Our family that lives in the area and others visiting could join us there as well. Our house on the trip was a pleasant and affordable touch. Thanks to our sister-in-law Annie for finding it!

There were 8 siblings together, seven of the sisters and our eldest brother to keep us in line. (We missed the other five, but it's tough to get us all together these days with our own growing families.) Here we are:

There was some reminiscing and some fact-checking. Some politically-charged discussions and new memories made. I did some reflecting on houses: the one we were primarily raised in, the one we shared this weekend, and the places we have each lived. I marveled at the speed of the passing years and the volume of blessings I could count that stem from my family.

I plan to keep counting.


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    1. The only disappointment--no cards were played. I guess we were too busy talking. :-)


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