Journeys in Life

Today I am grateful for enjoyable family time and safe travels this weekend. I am also grateful for perspective that comes with pausing and keeping expectations reasonable.

A quick shout out to those who joined me in an impromptu little dance number to Johnny Cash's
"Ring of Fire" at the wedding dance. My sisters Zita and Ruth and sister-in-law Terri had some fun with it.

A special congratulations and best wishes to our niece Marissa and her new husband Keegan! Wishing you all the best as together you begin this journey of married life. 

Journeys in life. We share some and we pave our own way on some. One of the dances done during the wedding celebration yielded the couple married the longest--61 years. We all gave them a deserving round of applause. Newlyweds on day 1. Darcy and I at 18 years. The couple with over 6 decades. 

Healthy relationships, whether marriages, other family, friends, or co-workers, take work and attention. But the rewards are well worth it. Rewards like trust, comfort, security, love, and joy.

It starts in this very moment, with a realization and some gratitude. Realization that wonderful relationships have been built and continue to grow. And deep gratitude for the difference those relationships and people have made in our lives. 


  1. I am so sorry I wasn't able to dance the "Ring of Fire " dance with all of you. I can only imagine....Zita you were the oldest and the leader of the pack!!

    1. It was fun! Apparently there's some video of it floating around out there, but it hasn't gone viral and I don't expect it will :-)


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