This M.D. will be missed

Today I am grateful for an early morning run with Darcy and for my primary care doctor.

In the past year or so, my oncologist left my cancer clinic and my hair stylist of 15 years moved to another state. Now, we can add my primary care physician to that list. I know, in the whole scheme of things, these are definitely first-world problems. Yet, I pause in gratitude for the wonderful service they provided me, and feel some selfish sadness that they are no longer available.

Yesterday I had my yearly physical. It was also the final appointment with my doctor of 16 years. She and her family are relocating to another state. She will be missed, as will the comfort level I had with her.

Prior to moving here, the longest I had lived anywhere in my adult life was 6 years. I had a variety of doctors as I moved from place to place. When we arrived in our current community, my goal was to find a female doctor I liked. Mission accomplished on first attempt.

Not only did she deliver our son Sam, she was the one who delivered the news of my cancer diagnosis. I credit her and the radiologist who saw my last mammogram at that time with helping the cancer to be discovered sooner rather than later. After a normal mammogram, but aware of my family history and dense breasts, they recommended the MRI that detected breast cancer.

Over the years, she delivered quality and candid health care. I really appreciate the ease with which she seems to go about her job, and her patience with questions and concerns. I will indeed miss her and the rapport we shared.

Thank you Doctor. I wish you and your family all the best in your new endeavors.

I will again be taking a blog break for several days. The gratitude will keep flowing though.