In a New Light

Today I am grateful for warmer weather, family time, and good pizza. I am also grateful for the perspective I am given when I consider others and daily gifts before I consider my frustrations and wants.

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and other decorations. We enjoy doing that together and usually do it about a month out from Christmas. I have plenty to say about what is disturbing and concerning about the ever-increasing marketing and advertising surrounding Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, but I will save that for another day. Today I choose to write about one of my favorite holiday traditions.

Tradition is a good thing and it doesn't require any shopping. The only cost need be our time. And what better place to give our time than to family? Bringing out the totes of lights and decorations, enjoying the cooperative nature of my husband and son as they assemble the tree and add the lights, family holiday heirlooms that bring memories of loved ones and our younger days. We added a new twist this year with helping my stepdaughter Emily decorate her apartment for the season too.

One of my favorite things each year when we decorate is enjoying the new light that envelops the rooms of our home. The colorful lights of our big tree. The blue lights of a smaller white tree. The candles that send off a calming glow. I love this new light each holiday season. I love getting up, turning the tree lights on, and sitting quietly in the warmth and peace.

In a new light. Just for today.