"Carbonated Holiness"

Today I am grateful for one breath at a time. I am also grateful for the conversations Darcy and I have.

Yesterday's "Word of the Day" at www.gratefulness.org was this short zinger
from Anne Lamott:

"Laughter is carbonated holiness." 

I love Anne Lamott, her sense of humor, and her faith-filled wisdom. To read more about my favorite author, try here and here. But sometimes I find laughter hard to come by, or painful to listen to. It is a good barometer for me. When I feel that way, I need to lighten up, not take life and myself too seriously. I need to accept more and expect less.

The use of the word "carbonated" brings to mind "fizz" and "flat" as well. Will there be fizz and liveliness in my day today or a flat and disengaged demeanor? That is up to me. Starting my day with prayer, meditation, and some gratitude practice sets me up for more fizz than flat.

I appreciate Lamott's use of the word "holiness" too. Like spirituality, holiness can have a broader meaning and reach. This quote helps me think about the holiness of those individuals who are laughing, sharing joy, releasing stress in a healthy way. It also helps me think about the wide reach of God or Higher Power. I believe that this higher force, whatever you wish to call it, resides in each of us as well as around us in nature, our pets, the air we breathe.

When I look at it that way, I feel a connectedness and a compassion for others. I feel a deepening gratitude to be a small part of a larger wonder.