A Less Random 4 X 4

Today I am grateful for laughter and for good food prepared and provided by others.

I am also grateful for my commute to and from work, the variety of work-related skills I get to use, my MacBook Air laptop, and for this moment. These four things make up a less random 4 x 4 for my post today. After yesterday's 3 x 3, I intentionally noted these four and why I am grateful for each of them. A good exercise in active gratitude practice.

1. My commute to and from work
    a. alone time for this introvert
    b. the silence I begin each commute with (for about 10 minutes)
    c. listening to good music as loud as I want
    d. catching some of the daily news headlines

2. The variety of work skills I get to employ
    a. no two days are the same at work and that means flexibility
    b. listening to others as a skill and as a privilege
    c. being able to draw on many years of experience
    d. a sense of humor and a right-sized ego always help

3. My MacBook Air laptop
    a. provided to me by my employer
    b. forcing me to learn new things
    c. light and compact
    d. convenience and connectedness

4. This moment
     a. a reason to pause and be still
     b. life's little joys add up to contentment
     c. a good morning/have a good day hug with my son Sam
     d. enjoying the sound of laughter

It all starts with awareness in the present moment. Pause. Be still. Appreciate.