A Pattern of Blessing

Today I am grateful for sleeping in and for eggnog. I am also grateful for friends who trust me and count on me. It goes both ways.

A quote from my gratitude journal has been hanging out in my head in recent weeks.

"Taken separately, the experiences of life can work harm and not good. Taken together, they make a pattern of blessing and strength the like of which the world does not know." (V. Raymond Brown)

Woven throughout my life are both challenges and triumphs, joys and sorrows. It takes all kinds of life experiences to create a meaningful life. It takes tough situations to teach us what we can only learn through the struggle. It takes joyful times to open our hearts and souls to the wonders of life.

I consider my life to be deep in meaning, rich in blessings. I know the joy of love, marriage, motherhood, recovery, serenity, friendship. I have experienced the pure energy of a marathon completed and the amazement of a writing that flowed right out of my soul.

Yet, I have known dark self-hatred and paralyzing self-pity. I have known the grief of loss and the fear of deadly diseases.

All these diverse experiences have been woven together to create the life I know and love today, to create a pattern uniquely beautiful. Only with the help of faith in a Higher Power and regular practice of gratitude am I able to see the beauty.

Gratefulness doesn't make me immune to the struggles and challenges, it helps me through them. It helps me weave a stronger thread of meaning throughout the moments and hours of my life.

What do you see in your pattern of blessings?