A Picture and a Moment to Revel

Today I am grateful for a garage to store things in and for a good run with Darcy on a breezy but nice late fall morning.

Speaking of a good run, three weeks have already passed since Darcy and I ran the St. Louis Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on October 19. It was our 12th marathon and overall a pleasant experience. I can revel in the afterglow of a successful marathon finish for days, even weeks. But this year it seemed we returned to a busy week and the demands of our jobs with less time for reveling. I figuratively hit the ground running after literally hitting the ground of St. Louis for 26.2 miles.

So when we ordered a marathon picture this week, I took a moment to revel, to return to the wonderful feeling that the picture below helps me summon:

This picture was taken as I neared the finish. That is the start of a smile on my face. It got bigger before I crossed the finish line. Darcy and I each picked a separate picture to commemorate this marathon. We sometimes get a good action shot of the two of us together, but this time around we were each happier with some of our solo shots. 

I like the action shot, my new outfit, my facial expression, and even the screaming quad muscle in my left leg. (It looks like it is screaming anyway. I wasn't feeling any pain at that point, only exhaustion.) This picture of me is a picture of health. It captures the celebration of life and gratitude that each and every marathon has meant to me, especially the seven I have run on this side of my breast cancer diagnosis.

A flat chest? Yes. A flat affect? No way. Life is far too good! 

From "just a minute" in yesterday's post to "a moment to revel" in today's, that is all it takes to find some gratitude and get energized for the day ahead. 


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