"Jeannie Ann's Grandma Has Breast Cancer"

Living gratefully in this moment, I am feeling spiritual connection to the new day and to loved ones across the miles.

I had the opportunity to hear author Diane Davies read her latest book Jeannie Ann's Grandma Has Breast Cancer the other day at a book launch party. It was so nice to see Diane and a few others from our local breast cancer support group. These ladies are friends and evidence of silver linings that come from life's tough times. BC brought us together over ten years ago.

Diane merges her roles and experience as an educator, writer, breast cancer survivor, and grandma to write a wonderful and informative-in-the-right-ways children's book.  It is candid enough, broaches the significant topics that can come up with a BC diagnosis, while being age-appropriate and downright sweet. The illustrations by CA Nobens clinch the book's appeal.  It touches the heart of young and old.

Did that just sound like a positive book review?  It is! Check it out on Amazon.com or go to www.dianedavies.com to get your copy of the book. Here's the cover:

Jeannie Ann's Grandma Has Breast Cancer

Little Jeannie Ann was six years old when her grandma was diagnosed with BC, the same age my son Sam was when I was diagnosed. I would have liked to have had this book to read to him. It even handles the sensitive topic of reconstruction or not, prosthetics or not. It takes me back to some of the conversations Darcy and I had with Sam, from the day I found out the diagnosis, over the months of surgeries and treatment, and since. Sam had similar fears and questions, and the need for reassurance.

I think children and grandchildren of cancer patients do better with honesty, true emotions being shown, and enough information for them to understand what they can at their age. It doesn't take the fear out of cancer, it diminishes some of the fear of the unknown.

Thanks Diane and CA! Well-done.