Transcendent Moments of Awe

Today I am grateful for a good visit to the vet for Oliver and for the kind and gentle approach used by the vet and staff where we go. I am also grateful for the feel of raindrops on my skin. 

Here is part three of the quote dissection and interpretation that is underway: 

"Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life . . . and the world." 
Sarah Ban Breathnach

Transcendent moments of awe can be as simple as realizing that my son's facial features are all his, but also parts of his father and I.

Or the wave of gratitude that hits my skin as I feel a cooling breeze and give thanks for my sense of touch.

Maybe it can be as routine as watching another sunrise sitting on our front patio. The same patio and the same sun, on a new day in a new way. It makes all the difference. There is nothing routine about a sunrise when one is really paying attention to it.

Exceptional. Incomparable. Spiritual. Awe is all of these things when I am fully tuned in. Simple awe, fully experienced, humbles me and brings grace to my mindset. A grace-filled mindset takes in the day a lot more patiently and intentionally than a racing mindset does.

Here's to experiencing some transcendent moments of awe today. The sun showing itself through a gap in some clouds is my moment right here, right now.