A Variety of Hangovers

Today I am grateful for morning coffee and peace and quiet on my front porch. I am also grateful for the gift of daily recovery from alcoholism and those who support me in this effort.

I am thinking especially of those who are suffering from active alcoholism or who are early in sobriety. Finding hope and some light in the darkness can be tough, but it is possible. It is more than possible, it is waiting for you. Know that I am here holding a light for you all.

After doing a quick search of my 1600 + posts on this blog, I was surprised that "hangovers" only showed up 13 times before. They showed up often in my drinking days. I don't miss these alcohol-induced hangovers at all.

There are other types of hangovers though. I have an emotional hangover after a full weekend and family time together that I looked forward to for months. The time together included a lot of fun and was overall pleasant and appreciated. The hangover comes in with the letdown of it now being over. And some of it stems from the the changes and challenges that members of my family are facing, and my concern for them.

Today is my birthday. I am 52 years young. I am filled with gratitude to have 52 years behind me. So many rich blessings have filled those years. I look forward to the year ahead with those I love and doing the things I love most.

It's been a long time since I found it necessary to celebrate my birthday with alcohol. My ongoing gift to myself is no more hangovers on my birthday or any day. Instead, there is much gratefulness to drink in and pass on.

Thanks and have a good day!