Standing in the Sky

Today I am grateful for the peace in silence and for the enjoyment of a good burger after a run.

The quote below really hit me yesterday morning, right before we headed out for a long training run.

"Look at your feet. You are standing in the sky. When we think of the sky, we tend to look up, 
but the sky actually begins at the earth."  (Diane Ackerman)

I had truly never thought about it this way, but it makes sense. Where the ground or soil ends is where the earth's atmosphere begins. We are surrounded mainly by nitrogen and oxygen, with smaller amounts of other gases like carbon dioxide and argon.

There is no need to leave the ground to reach the atmosphere. It surrounds us and we gratefully breathe in what we need. I find this humbling and a good reminder of the small role that we as humans really have in the whole scheme of the universe.

That still leaves me plenty for which to be thankful; including the success of that long run Darcy and I did yesterday, running through the sky and all.

Funny how considering standing in the sky brings a deep sense of being grounded in grace and gratefulness. It's a good start to another precious day.