Packed and Unpacked

Today I am grateful for safe travels this weekend and for the productive and successful time we had moving my mother-in-law Marlene.

I am thinking today of several people currently facing cancer treatment, decisions, and results; especially Leonice, Eric, Pam, Jessie, and Katie.

Back to Marlene and her move. She has known for years that her home would be replaced by a major road construction project in her community of Sioux Falls, SD. The process picked up about a year ago with meetings and paperwork, and this spring she started looking for a new place.

Real estate moves quickly in Sioux Falls, and she was lucky to find a nice place that is a good fit in a desirable location. It will work well for her, with the ability to stay on one level for everything she needs. The lower level will give us pleasant space to stay in when we come to visit.

Darcy, Sam, and I, along with his sister and her family, were able to get everything moved. Marlene had packed much of it up already, making things go more quickly. It was hard work and I used muscles that don't get used when I run. But I am grateful we could all pitch in, and Marlene was most appreciative too.

I wouldn't want to be moving someone every weekend, but it is fun and exciting when you get to do it from time to time. We were a good moving team and even got to enjoy our first night in the new place on Saturday night.

I am grateful for family and for the physical capabilities that were put to use this weekend, as well as the laughter and the time together.