Encountering Everyday Epiphanies

Today I am grateful for what writing poetry has allowed me to give to myself and also share with others. I am also grateful for an easy morning run to work my muscles after a long training run on Saturday. 

I appreciated the time Darcy and I spent at my friend Claire's 80th birthday party yesterday. She has touched many lives and I am grateful to be one of them. She wears her age well--because she starts from the inside with heart, soul, and an energetic spirit. 

Back to breaking down this quote: 

"Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life . . . and the world." 
Sarah Ban Breathnach

To encounter epiphanies, I need to slow myself and my thinking down, even momentarily, or I miss the message in the moment. No, I don't spend my day moment by moment receiving one epiphany after another. Still, when I can be still, I get the awakening that comes with realizing that I am full of life, full of ideas, full of potential. 

Encountering everyday epiphanies. To encounter means to be open and willing to receive, and to also have faith in the unknown. Everyday means the mundane and simple, and it also means where most of our joy lives. Big days and significant events don't and won't happen often, and we would be in trouble if they did. Epiphanies happen when I am paying attention. I read one definition of epiphany that said "grasping reality." My reality is that I am richly blessed with a new day ahead to be lived. 

Just for now. It can be enough to carry me forward more peacefully and more productively. Let's each 
be open to encountering everyday epiphanies in the hours ahead. 


  1. Excellent and inspiring post Lisa - thanks!

    1. Thanks Aileen! One of today's epiphanies--going into the day knowing realistically that I wouldn't get everything done that I wanted to. This really helped me keep a more sane pace rather than trying to get it all done and whipping myself up into a frenzy. :-)


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