The Next Breath

Today I am grateful for a comfortable bed and pillows for rest. I am also grateful for the insights of our son Sam and that he shares them.

"It is enough to be grateful for the next breath."  Br. David Steindl-Rast

In busy times, days with full schedules, and the way I tend to expect much of myself, these words are like a salve applied to the spinning parts of my overactive mind. A salve to reduce friction and slow the rotation, allowing me to return more fully to the present.

Admittedly, on some days the reprieve is short and the spinning ramps up again, but even a short reprieve is better than none. Gratitude is really about perspective and perception, and it is surprising how a few moments of mindful gratitude can reel in a runaway brain and bring me back to heart and soul.

Brother David is one of my favorite writers and proponents of the virtue of gratefulness. He has done much to advance the simple practice of simply noticing the world around us in this moment. I have numerous posts that include the words of Brother David. Are You Awake? is one from the early months of this blog.

If I can spend a few of my waking moments each day fully appreciating the breath of life, I can have a good day. If I can do that every hour, it is an even better day.

Fully awake. Fully appreciating this breath that carries me forward to the next.