Family Ties

Today I am grateful for the time with family over the last several days; the walks, conversations, celebrations, food shared, love extended. I am especially grateful for my mom and my siblings and the relationships we maintain. 

Congratulations to our niece Kiane and her husband Brad and wishing the newlyweds all the best! Their wedding day was beautiful in so many ways and the gorgeous weather was a special gift for them and all of us.

Our sister Leonice and our brother Morry weren't able to join us, but we know you were with us in spirit. That meant seven of the sisters and four of the brothers gathered together. We more fully appreciate such times as the years go by. 

There were many emotions that I encountered during our time together, and many surrounded the fact that aging is impacting all of us. Our own, and that of others. There are so many blessings I witnessed, and our family continues to grow and thrive. Yet, there was an underlying sadness and concern in the things that have changed, in the challenges that continue for many of us. 

I got a chuckle out of this pillow that was at the guest house several of us stayed at:

And here are seven sisters with niece Linley, the designer of the shirts we are all wearing. We especially felt the absence of our sister Leonice, currently undergoing cancer treatment. 

The family time together is cherished and the hugs and love shared are genuine. That is what matters most. The next generation and their own families are seeing a good example of family ties. Family shares both the joys and the sorrows. This weekend brought more joy and for that I am truly grateful.


  1. what do the shirts say?

    1. They say "What lies beneath? A full and thankful heart." The first sentence is mine, the second is borrowed, together they leave me feeling very blessed. Thanks!


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