Pause and Say "Ah"

Today I am grateful for conversations with my friends Julie and Sheila yesterday, and for the beauty of the fog-laden sunrise this morning.

In the light of that sunrise, literally and figuratively, this quote from  was especially fitting as I scrolled through my email inbox just now:

When before the beauty of a sunset or a mountain, you pause and exclaim, 
"Ah," you are participating in divinity." 
Ancient Hindu Text

Participating in divinity, or rushing headlong into my day and the long list of what I think I need to get done?  It should be an easy call. Yet, my brain tries to pull me from a divine view and back into ramped up thinking. 

So I pause, and I practice. I pause and appreciate the filtered sun through the low fog and the top branches of the pine tree across the street. I pause again and feel the rhythm of my breathing. I pause again. "Ah," the beauty of nature is stunning and awesome. And I get to be here to not only witness it, but to experience it.

Pause and say "Ah" a few times today. I plan to. Back to Nora McInerny's writing tomorrow. 


  1. Ah...thank you Universe and thank you Lisa for excellent reminder.

    1. My most recent "ah" was enjoying the breeze in the trees and the soothing sound it was making. Ah!

    2. A few seconds can help prevent my train from derailing. Thanks MaryLynn!


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