One Husband and Two Sisters

Today I am grateful for the morning critters I have viewed from our back patio. This morning that included a squirrel, a rabbit, and a fox. I am also grateful for a productive day at work yesterday.

I appreciate the words and writing of so many people. Some I know personally, others I don't. The three I am mentioning today I do happen to know pretty well.

My husband Darcy is a deacon in our church and gives sermons every few months. He just did one this last Sunday. He studies the Gospel reading, does some research, incorporates his own experiences, and does a really nice job sharing a relatable message. A couple things he focused on Sunday included how we approach our email inboxes at work can either heighten or lessen our stress. And also pausing to "let go and let God" is time spent well. Amen to both. Thanks Darcy!

The other two writers I want to give a shout out and a thank you to are my sisters Danita and Aileen. We keep in regular email contact and I really appreciated seeing both of them at a recent family wedding weekend. As the baby sister, I likely followed them around some when we were growing up. In recent years, they have followed me into the blogosphere. I'm so grateful they have.

Here are links to their blogs:

Aileen's at Poetic License: Poetry and Commentary on Current Events

Danita's at Aging Wrinkles and Wonders

Impressive and heartfelt. Thank you both! We remind each other and ourselves that "real writers really write." We support and encourage one another and we write!

Thank you to my one husband and two of my sisters for continuing to inspire me to write on and to live each day mindfully.


  1. Thank you for the words of support Lisa. And I am sure Darcy does have a way with words because he is married to you!

  2. Sisters of the same nest . . . write on!


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