Years of Service

Today I am grateful for my current job and all the jobs I have had. I am also grateful for my husband and our communication.

The school I work at has an annual staff recognition dinner which was held last evening. It includes a nice meal, a gift, and the gift of hearing about and honoring colleagues who have hit 5-year milestones. It is also about celebrating retirement for anyone who has reached that major milestone. The three women who are retiring this year-Liz, Julie, and Sue-have all been an important part of my job experience and they will be missed.

I was also one of the people recognized last evening, as I am completing my 15th year of service in this school. It got me thinking about my 27 years of service since entering the field of education (longer if you count when I started coaching).

My first job, where I stayed for two years, was at my alma mater. I left to see what else was out there. I enjoyed my time there and it helped me get through those ever-challenging first couple of years as a classroom teacher. I taught high school social studies. I spent 2 years teaching at my second school, leaving for more opportunities, including social. It worked out well because I eventually met my husband.

I was in that job for six years, had started grad school, was mostly teaching, but also doing some counseling-related work. We got married and I started my career in school counseling. I was an elementary counselor for two years and really enjoyed it. I am grateful I had that experience. We moved here to be closer to my stepchildren and I took my current job.

Fifteen years in one place after 4 jobs in 5 different schools over the previous 12 years. There are both advantages and disadvantages to longevity. I have seen many changes. Good times and challenging times. But most importantly I have worked with many wonderful colleagues, students, and parents and that is what I choose to focus on today.

That is the nice thing about gratitude practice. It helps me focus on positive things, which keeps my perspectives, perceptions, and energies heading in the healthier direction.