New Moms

Today I am grateful for safe travels over the weekend as we covered hundreds of miles. I am also grateful for my stepson Arthur's successful completion of graduate school. Congratulations Arthur!

And I am grateful to be a mom and stepmom. As we traveled this weekend to Arthur's graduation, my stepdaughter Emily and her son Leo joined us. We have seen plenty of Emily and Leo since he was born on March 14, but I was a little concerned about all the miles in the car and hours in the hotel and other venues. Things went really well overall, though everyone is pretty tired. I got to see a new mom in action under new circumstances. Emily is a good mother and is attentive and loving. Her and her son are off to a good start.

But when you add his first big car trip, nights in a hotel, lots of people, lots of germs, lugging a car seat and a diaper bags lots of places, it can get taxing on everyone. We all hung in there and so did Emily. Leo had it the easiest, and that is the way it should be.

As I considered Emily in her role as new mom, I realized that I am also a new mom. All moms are new to each of their child's milestones and age ranges. Here is my son Sam and I after Arthur's graduation:

You can see that he is well past the infant stage, but he is just a few months into his teen years. I have worked with teens for decades, but I am still a new mom when it comes to my own teen. That is both humbling and helpful. I will do the best I can as a mom today. That is my goal every day.

Sam wrote me a nice note for Mother's Day and it included words like "my mentor, a role model," "thank you" and "love." Your words and your presence in my life mean the world to me Sam. Thank you!