Able to . . .

Today I am grateful for laughter among recovery friends and for early morning quiet and changing light.

Last evening Sam and I brought our potted plants in to the garage. We are having some unseasonably chilly weather and were concerned about frost. Darcy is still sick and Sam's wrist is still bothering him a little, so I had to take care of a couple of the bigger pots. It struck me as I was doing this how fortunate I am to be able to take care of that task and so many others throughout my day.

I am able to walk the dog, go for a run, read, write, breathe, see, make breakfast, drink coffee, drive to work, walk up and down stairs, type, connect to WiFi, talk to teens, get some groceries, smile.

I think of those who aren't able to do some of these things because of health problems or other limitations. I think of those, like my Aunt Marie, who have left their earthly vehicle behind.

The list goes on and on. I am also able to be a recovering alcoholic for this 24 hours. I am able to find things to be grateful for and other people to keep in my thoughts and prayers. I am able to be present in this moment.

And when I do such things like being mindfully present here and now, I am able to see life for the opportunity and privilege that it is. I am less likely to squander the moments and hours. I am more likely to thank a Higher Source for what is provided to me and those around me.

Just for today, I am able to be grateful.