I Said Nothing

Today I am grateful for humidity in the air and for sun on my skin. I am also grateful for those celebrating brithdays. Yesterday was our daughter-in-law Alyssa's birthday and today is my oldest brother Linus' birthday. Happy birthday to you both! Keep those birthdays coming!

I know in a few short weeks I probably won't be grateful for humidity, but after months of dry air and dry skin, I can appreciate the first doses of humidity for the season.

I saw this quote weeks ago and it has come and gone out of my head many times, often at opportune times, allowing me to make a better choice than I otherwise might have.

"Drawing on my fine command of the language, I said nothing." 
(Robert Benchley)

I am grateful for this quote and the valuable reminder it gives me. There are times when saying nothing is absolutely the best course of action, because what I would say would hinder a solution or compound a problem. I can practice this with my husband and other family members. I can practice it with co-workers and others I come in contact with on any given day. I can practice it with myself in my own head.

This doesn't mean I won't say anything at all. It might mean that I will wait and come up with a more thoughtful response. It may mean I will wait and cool off so I don't say something in a highly emotional state that I will regret later. It may mean patience to see who else says what else, which then makes my input more timely or acceptable.

Like most things in my life, this is also a work in progress. I am seeing and feeling the benefits of saying nothing at times. That has raised my awareness and allowed me to catch myself and keep quiet a few times when I otherwise would have interjected what I thought needed to be said when it wasn't necessary or wanted.

For this reminder, for these life lessons, I am grateful.