H.O.W. to Make a Difference

Today I am grateful for rest and comfortable places to get it. I am also grateful for good books and magazines to read.

There are days and dates you don't forget. Seven years ago today I had an MR-guided biopsy of my right breast. The biopsy would determine a diagnosis of breast cancer. I am here today, doing well and living life fully. Tens of thousands have died of breast and other cancers in these last seven years.

There are many ways we can help move science closer to unlocking cancer's many mysteries and finding a cure. I am proud to be part of Dr. Susan Love's Army of Women and also the newer Health of Women Study. The former helps researchers fill studies with subjects much faster and keep the pace of research moving more quickly. More quickly to useful information.

The latter, found at this link- https://www.healthofwomenstudy.org -is a database of women worldwide who complete health questionnaires to help researchers look for connections and clues that may also lead to answers and insights about the complexities of cancer. Both are open to all women, whether or not they have had breast cancer.

I also blogged about these back in October of 2012 and 2013 here.

Earlier this week, I did the most recent survey for the Health of Women Study. It is the 6th I have done since joining the study over 2 years ago, and it was about bacteria and the breast. It took only about 20 minutes for me to complete. It is easy to register and you decide when you take a survey. You can even start one, save it, and finish it later.

I see that the total number of women in the study is now over 52,000. Are you one of them? If not, consider joining and adding your effort and information to the growing database that may one day help unlock the mysteries of breast cancer.

Like practicing gratitude requires action, so does helping a good cause. Today I will try to do my part.