Enroute to a Funeral

Today I am grateful for safe travels to and from my Aunt Marie's funeral and for the time I got to spend with my large extended family.

As I drove to Marie's funeral yesterday morning, I was in a reflective frame of mind. A funeral, 150 miles, and time to myself all make me pause and ponder a few things.

Some of the things that flitted through my active mind and 
various sensory inputs included:

*The various shades of springtime greens on the hillsides.
*The sun and clouds playing together, or so it seemed.
*Appreciating the time to myself and my music, my way.
*Fears and worries hanging out for a time, then being pushed out
by some faith and let go of with some prayer.
*The fact that 32 years ago yesterday, May 19, 1983, I graduated from high school.
Here's a shout out to the other members of the SW Class of '83!
*Wondering what my mom, my Aunt Helen, and their 3 brothers were thinking
and feeling as they prepared to say goodbye to their eldest sibling.
*Considering what it might feel like to be one of Marie's nine children, who now are
without either parent.
*Appreciating that Marie lived over 92 years and was still living in her own home
and driving less than a year ago.
*Following some school buses and recalling my own days on buses as a student,
player, coach, teacher, counselor.

I arrived at my destination physically, but also emotionally.