Frustrated and Edgy, But Still Practicing

Today I am grateful for safe travels home for my husband and a good job offer for my stepson. I am also grateful for time with some of my recovery friends yesterday.

I am not feeling all that grateful at this particular moment. I am frustrated by a few things and feeling a bit edgy. Most days I have the desire to practice gratitude. But on days like this, I know that even if I don't have the desire, I can still take the action.

Here's a short gratitude list from the last days:

*Darcy's safe travels and hard work at his home office.
*A great job opportunity for my stepson Arthur.
*Our grandson Leo doing well in his first days at daycare.
*My stepdaughter Emily getting a good start to her CNA classes.
*Sam's baseball team having a good start to the season and a couple
of nice evenings for fans to watch them play.
*Birds singing to welcome the new day.
*Sitting in my comfortable recliner.

So even with a feeling of ingratitude, I can still take the actions. And you know what, I feel a little better. A healthier perspective is returning. It does work.

When it comes to physical exercise, any exersise is better than no exercise. The same is true for the practice of gratitude. Any is better than none. I think too many of us are tripped up by a plan or goal to exercise or journal so many days a week, or some similar goal. When we fall short, as we often will, at least early on, we sometimes throw in the towel. We end up giving up, quitting, saying it doesn't work.

Don't give up. Do what you can. In my case, I started realizing that a little gratitude practice can go a long way to improve my outlook. It became easier for me to keep practicing gratitude because it fuels me just like good food fuels me. Even on a day like today. A little frustrated. A little edgy. Still practicing. It works. It really does.


  1. Hi Lisa, I've not been around the blogosphere much lately but occasionally I think about you and your gratitude practise and it reminds me to be grateful for the good things in my life, or in that moment. It's interesting what you say about doing the actions even when you don't feel like it - and that makes you feel better. That's what you get when you put your faith in something :-)

    1. It is nice to hear from you at Rethink Street. Your blog name and my gratitude practice are similar-they are both about changing perspectives and thought processes to healthier and more productive ones that help us move forward. Just as when I don't feel like physically exercising but do and end up feeling better, the same holds true for the mental and spiritual exercise of practicing gratitude. Thanks for commenting!


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