Open to the Universe

Today I am grateful for the laughs an old movie provided last evening and for time with friends and acquaintances from connections we have in our community through recovery and through Sam's football team.

My goal each day, to put it in short form, is to stay out of my own way. When I am overthinking and overdoing, my typical state, I am under feeling. I am impeding my own efforts to live in the present.

When I am not paying attention, I miss plenty of messages from the Universe, plenty of meaningful connections between the world, the people and other living beings in it, and I. Connections that take place on more than one sensory level.

Paying attention and just being in the moment, I capture experiences, emotions, and what the Universe is emitting to simple beings like me.

Here are a few things I noted in recent days:

-A long yellow light and no line at the Post Office just when I needed to gain some time.

-The charge at that USPS stop came to $34.50, the same amount of the fine for one of my open container tickets back in my drinking days. It clicked when I heard the amount, clicked as a reminder to keep working daily at recovery.

-Turning the radio on when I got back in the car after doing an errand and it's "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver, a song that reminds me of family. That was followed by "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" by Chicago, one of my all-time favorites and a song that has always brought me strength.

-Slipping into the rhythm of my running strides- left, right, left right- and really hearing the birds singing and the river passing by on my long run. Really hearing, really feeling the connection with my surroundings.

Feeling part of a wider world, an expansive whole, brings calm and peace. Slowing my brain down to allow my heart and soul to open and feel is what it takes. Living gratefully helps me slow down.