Double the Awe

Today I am grateful for rest, rainbows, and recovery.

Last evening, after a day of oppressive heat and humidity, a thunderstorm went through and offered some relief. As the clouds cleared after the storm and we neared dusk, we were treated to rainbows. A double rainbow was visible at times, and is barely visible in this first picture.

The time of day, the sun's angle, and Great Spirit collaborated to bring deeper color than is usual, and the awesome show lasted for more than 20 minutes. I stood out in our driveway and took it in. As usual with nature's awe, my phone camera can't capture it all. It is not meant to. Such things are meant to be experienced. Darcy and Sam stepped out for a view, but I stayed out.

At one point, as I stood near the road looking up, a woman driving by slowed down and rolled her window down. We didn't know each other, but we were sharing this view. She said "There are two aren't there?"  I said "Yes, and they are amazing." She said "Sometimes a storm has to blow through to see the beauty." Well-said.

I was also thinking about my sister Mary Jo. I feel her presence, her spirit, in various ways at various times. Last evening was one of those times and it was comforting.

Mary Jo died one month ago today. Grieving unfolds in fits and starts. So does joy.  As clouds moved back in, the portion of the rainbow below hung on and kept treating viewers like me to more color, more emotions, more reflection. I appreciated it all. The beauty of rainbows and loved ones is deep and true.