Having Feet

Today I am grateful for my office at work and for chance meetings with friends.

Yesterday's sandals bring up today's feet. My feet have carried me for fifty years now. From my first steps as a toddler, to mowing lawn on the farm, running 800 meters in track meets, walking me down the aisle at high school graduation, starting me on the path of recovery from alcoholism, walking me into and around the classrooms I have taught in.

And that is just a start. Taking me, beside my parents, to Darcy at our wedding, traversing 26.2 miles in twelve different marathons, carrying expectant-mom Lisa into the hospital and back out again as a new mother to infant Sam, taking me into hospitals and clinics for cancer-related surgeries and chemotherapy.

Those are some of the biggies. Day-to-day my feet have carried me through some wonderful and challenging times. And from one mundane task to another. But what a blessing they have been and continue to be.

They work well and they rarely cause me pain. As I said yesterday, they aren't that pretty. I am a low maintenance sort of gal, rarely wearing nail polish. The bunion on my right foot is visible, but not yet very bothersome.

I think of those who have no feet, or whose feet are a constant source of pain. I don't want to take these two I have for granted.

Consider your feet today as you move about. Also consider looking back at some of my earlier blog posts. That is what I will be starting to do myself soon.

I will be taking a blog break until early next week. Have a good day!