Contributing to Inferiority

Today I am grateful for time spent with my friend Betsy yesterday and the history that we share. I am also grateful for dreams and goals to pursue.

When I think of Eleanor Roosevelt quotes, like the one I wrote about on Tuesday, I always think of this one:
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." 

I wrote about it in this post from December 2, 2014. I gave my own consent to feeling inferior for many years. I still go there at times, but usually for shorter trips, brief interludes.

Today I am thinking more about my words and actions and how they may contribute to someone else's feelings of inferiority.  Granted, I can't control someone else's perception of what I say and do.
I can, however, control my own attitude and actions. Am I judgmental? Overly harsh?Condescending?

I have been guilty of all three, sometimes simultaneously. I bet that made the person on the receiving end of my poor behavior less than grateful (if they knew about it, sometimes this all happens between my own ears).

Consenting to my own feelings of inferiority is not helpful, but neither is contributing to someone else's feelings of inferiority.

What can I do today to contribute positively? What actions of mine will bring people to appreciate that they encountered me on their day's journey versus wishing they hadn't?