A List From a Follower

Today I am grateful for air-conditioning and a good carb-loading meal at Olive Garden. I am also grateful for those I consider family-both blood ties and beyond.

Speaking of family, happy birthday today to my sister Mary Jo and my sister-in-law Terri!

Thank you again to my sister Aileen and her insightful guest post yesterday about "follow the plan, not the feelings."  When negative and harmful feelings-like depression, anger, self-pity, fear-grab hold of our thought processes they can pull us deeper into the pit.

Have a plan of some healthy choices and use those actions even if you don't feel like it. It keeps the demons at bay or at least from really taking a bite out of your health and peace.  Being the youngest of 8 sisters, I have always listened to my older sisters.

Well, maybe not always. But Aileen's idea made sense, so I planned to pause several times yesterday and add to a gratitude list I started yesterday morning about the time I published her post. I followed the plan and the day went well. It wasn't perfect. I had my moments. I didn't get everything done. Yet, it was a day where I knew peace and presence, a day when my energy was sustained and I was productive when I needed to be.

Some things on my list included:
-finding a penny (more on that soon)
-frozen fruit
-a clean laundry room
-fresh sheets on our bed
-time with recovery friends

Follow the plan. Have a good day!