Today I am grateful for the interest and joy I find in learning new things. I am also grateful for acceptance of my physical body.

XIPHOID, as in xiphoid process, elicits a variety of thoughts and feelings in me. It is a small, cartilaginous protrusion at the end of human sternums and the sternums of most vertebrates. It joins the sternum and rib cage and also serves as an anchor for the diaphragm. I recall it as a marker used to find the right location for chest compressions in CPR. There's another thing to be grateful for-CPR.

Think of the hundreds of various body parts that make up our complex, intricate, and fascinating skeletal, muscular, and organ systems. It is incredible how it all works together. Even the often forgotten xiphoid process has important roles and deserves our gratitude.

What am I forgetting in my own life that deserves my gratitude today?  I will try to pause from time to time during my day today to consider that question. It promises to be a busy day. All the more reason to pause.

When I think about my own xiphoid process, I also think about it's location on the changed terrain of my chest since my breast cancer diagnosis and surgeries. I repeat what I started the post with today. I am so grateful for acceptance of my body, as is. So grateful for my overall health and energy.