Today I am grateful for my son Sam and what he teaches me about acceptance and patience. I am also grateful for my job and the variety it brings on any given day.

PLETHORA is a word I have always liked. It just rolls off the tongue in a unique way and it's definition-surplus, glut, a large or excessive amount-begs to be discussed in one way or another.

I am going to start with a perfect poem for this post, courtesy of my sister Aileen.
Thanks Aileen!

Plethora of Gratitude

Am grateful for the letter p
which provides punch
pop and pizzazz
to many words.
Pithy at times
persnickety at others,
the most popular
productive and pleasing
Thank you P!  

You can find this and other writings from my talented sister on a blog she shares with a friend. It is called "Poetic License: Poetry and Commentary on Current Events" and can be found here.

Grateful for a letter of the alphabet? Why not? Just reading the poem piques my interest, helps me pause, and points to the vastness of possibilities when it comes to practicing presence and seeing life's little pleasures.

I have a plethora of gratitude, but I wouldn't say it is an excessive amount. Good days are balanced out by tougher ones and that's why a surplus is good. I can draw on that surplus when I can't summon as much gratefulness and mindfulness on my own.

By practicing the awareness that being grateful requires, I begin to see a plethora of blessings that I was missing in my overly busy physical and mental states. Realizing the range this plethora of blessings is-from people, to places, to nature, to things, to positive emotions, to air to breathe and working senses to enjoy it all with-I receive a calmness I can't find any other way. I savor more moments and slow down.

Gratitude practice brings a plethora of healthy sustenance to my life and health.

If you want to give gratitude practice a try, consider doing an A-Z gratitude list; writing, saying, or thinking of one or two things for each letter of the alphabet. A plethora of surprises awaits.