Today I am grateful for Sam's involvement in and enjoyment of wrestling. I am also grateful for what I learn when I take the time to just sit for a few minutes.

PITHY is a word that showed up in my sister Aileen's poem the other day. Read it here. It is not a word I use often, but I find it to be one that I like to say and use now that I am.

Concise. Compact. Condensed. Brief. Pithy.

So here is a pithy post.

STOP!-so that you will not hurry past the gift this moment offers you.

LOOK!-so you will recognize this gift: the opportunity available now.

GO!- that means: Do something with this precious opportunity!

This wisdom is courtesy of Brother David Steindl-Rast. Read more about it here.  

Onward and keep it simple today.