Today I am grateful for other bloggers I enjoy following and for my five working senses.

Sometimes though, when my five working senses are on overload, I get ORNERY. What a fun and accurate word to describe me at times, especially when I am tired or have been on hyperdrive for too long.

Words used to define ornery include: bad-tempered, combative, stubborn, grouchy, grumpy, cranky, ill-tempered.

Face it. We all have orneriness in us and it will come out at times. Embrace your ornery side when needed. My goal is to keep it short and quiet. I usually fail at the quiet part, but my ornery spells do seem to be fewer and farther between.

For me, hangovers and orneriness went together. I was not fun to be around on those mornings. During my active alcoholism, even when I wasn't hungover, I was often cantankerous. I know now that those were my negative thoughts and feelings coming out sideways. I may have sounded angry at those around me, but I was really angry with myself and my choices.

Live in ornery mode too long and you aren't only ill-tempered, you are likely ill. If not physically, at least spiritually.

Today I am grateful to be more appreciative and mindful and less grouchy and cranky.