Today I am grateful for a calm acceptance that sometimes settles around me and within me. I am also grateful for healthy habits like exercise, drinking lots of water, and gratitude practice.

LEAVE is today's word. Leave before saying something to later regret. Leave an old and ineffective way of thinking for a more energizing and effective way. Leave an unhealthy relationship. Leave after a family visit. Leave before the weather gets bad. Leave out unneccessary details.

There are many ways to consider the word "leave." Today I am thinking about the unhealthy things I have chosen to leave behind over the years. Drinking alcohol. Smoking. Self-pity. Certain relationships. Living in fear and worry.

I didn't wake up one day and unload them all. It has been a process, a work in progress. And I have sometimes gone back to pick up something left behind, something unhealthy but enticing, something I wasn't quite ready to leave. It sometimes takes several leavings to create enough pain to motivate change.

Today I will leave yesterday and tomorrow in their place and focus on the present.


  1. Hmmm interesting. It seems to me that things that are bad for us have a way of tricking our minds into thinking they are good for us! It's good to have the clarity to know when something needs to be left in the past.

    1. Tricky for sure. I call it "my dearest alcoholic mind" trying to get me off track.
      Clarity is a gift that is only possible in the present, but stems from past experience and pain. Clarity tells me what to leave and what to take with me as I proceed on life's journey. Thanks!


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