Today I am grateful for perspective that only comes with mindfulness practice. I am also grateful for my comfortable workout clothes.

RESPECTFUL is the second "r" word I have chosen to blog about. This is a word we could all take to heart more. Regarding ourselves. Regarding others. Regarding this planet and all that lives on it.

I was having a conversation the other day surrounding "respectful fear."  It was a good reminder to me to look at how fear factors in to my day, my decisions. Fear can be pervasive if I let it run loose. There are rational fears and irrational fears. Respectful fear, to me, is keeping it in perspective. Where do I need to apply more faith? What do I need to let go of? What do I need to stop overthinking about? What fears can catalyze right actions and what fears can paralyze me?  Respectful fear.

These are some other words used to define respectful:

I typed that short list and then read through it several times. Together they sound like a good way to approach the day. Respectful of self and others. Respectful of this amazing journey of life. Respectful of the many blessings that grace us each day.

Remaining respectful and grateful today will allow my energy to be conserved for the right efforts.


  1. Respectful fear, keeping things in perspective. That's a good reminder to stop and think about how we are feeling, and decide whether it makes sense or not.

    1. Stop and think. That works better for me than think and think. That pause is what gives me perspective. Thanks!


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