Today I am grateful for my fingertips working on the keyboard. I am also grateful for the plethora of words at our disposal.

Writers use WORDS. Singers use words. Everyone uses words. When you stop and think about how languages came to be and how they are translated and passed on, it is really quite amazing. How do I know and understand these words I just typed? There are over 400,000 words in the English language. That will give me plenty to talk about for years to come.

Some thoughts that come to mind, thoughts that only make sense because I have words to describe them, are:

*I am often surprised by what I might latch onto in the flow of writing, or what may come from a stream of inspiration. That is when writing really fires me up-when it just seems to come forth and pick up steam.
*There are always more words to learn. My vocabulary isn't too shabby, but it's certainly got plenty of room for future expansion.
*Words can wound if not chosen carefully, but they can also heal if they are compassionately delivered.
*They can dampen enthusiasm or stoke it. Not just the words themselves, but how they are said if verbalized.
*Words can cause plenty of confusion or they can bring crystal clear clarity. In a day's time, we all probably experience some of both.
*There's a song by the Bee Gees titled "Words."  Listen to it on YouTube here. It was a big hit for the group and was released 47 years ago in January of 1968. I like many Bee Gees songs, but this is one of my favorites.

"It's only words, and words are all I have . . ."  Have a good day, unless you have made other plans.