Today I am grateful for the accomplishments of 2014 and the possibilities awaiting in 2015. I am also grateful for an enjoyable evening with my sister, her husband, my husband, and the band Foreigner.

LOADED as a blog topic came to me yesterday morning as I was walking our dog in the bitter cold. Maybe it came to me because I was loaded with layers to keep me warm. Maybe it came to me because I was reflecting on how loaded 2014 was with blessings, lessons, health. My thoughts eventually went to 2015 and how loaded it will be with opportunities. Opportunities to keep growing and learning. Opportunities to continue this gratitude practice that reaps such benefits for me.

On a lighter, but still loaded note, loaded also makes me think of things like pizza loaded with toppings, and loaded baked potato flavored chips; two foods that load my taste buds with delight.

On a louder note, the Foreigner concert we went to last night was loaded with one hit song after another, some great music and musicians, and many fellow fans reveling in the experience like we were. Hats off to Foreigner lead singer Kelly Hansen and the rest of the current band. It was a great and entertaining show!

I appreciate these words from Hansen on Foreigner's official website:

As the new lead singer in Foreigner, Hansen explains, “the best part about being in this band is getting the chance to do something I feel I was meant to do. I feel extremely fortunate to be given this wonderful opportunity to play with such a substantial group of people, and it just keeps getting better. I think there are times in life where the right combination of people come together at the right time, through luck, timing or for some other unknown reason to create something magical. What happens onstage with this group of guys is something that is rare and palpable. It’s like the old saying, “if I have to describe it, you wouldn’t understand.”

His words are loaded with phrases that hit me strongly this morning, just like his singing did last evening. Extremely fortunate. Wonderful opportunity. Substantial group of people. Create something magical.  I can't sing very well, but I do practice gratitude consistently and with strength of conviction. I feel extremely fortunate for the wonderful opportunity to spend time with substantial groups of people in various areas of my life. Gratitude practice creates something magical in my life-a healthy and positive perception of myself and surrounding world.

Happy New Year! May 2015 be loaded with small joys and moments of awe.