Today I am grateful for handwritten thank you notes to send to people in my life. I am also grateful for the poetry of other poets.

My husband and I are doing a 5-day cleanse to help us get back on track with weight and eating post-marathon and post-holidays. Today is day 5 and we are doing well, feeling good about our efforts, but ready for some of our favorites-like eggs and peanut butter. I am a little ornery too. Coming off sugar can do that.

So I am just ornery enough to take a word like OPULENT and put a different spin on it. Opulent means rich, luxurious, wealthy; having and enjoying really lavish and expensive stuff. I am concerned about how our society and culture seems to put too much value on achieving an opulent lifestyle, like that is the American dream come true. Dream come true? Or bad dream realized via overworking, jealousy, theft, and other nightmarish actions that hurt all involved?

Dig deeper and you will see these words used to define opulent: splendid, magnificent and prosperous. How about using them to refer not to things or stuff, but to people and blessings? Such practice can lead to immeasurable wealth of a different kind. A kind that will have you happier and healthier and enjoying what you already have.

The true opulence of a rich life via gratefulness and mindfulness. It is possible. Start practicing gratitude today if you don't already. That wealth of a different kind will come your way.