Wearing The World

Today I am grateful for good music coming from my phone right now and for our local waste management workers. They just picked up our yard waste, then our recyclables, and will be along soon to take care of the garbage receptacle. Thursday morning is garbage truck procession time. 

I recently heard the phrase “Wear the world as a loose garment.” It was from a fellow recovering person and speaks to a challenge many of us know, alcoholic or not, and that is hanging on to sh** that does nothing but burden us. We all do it. That's why acceptance is key and letting go is crucial. 

"Wearing the world like a loose garment" is a tactile connection to my overthinking mind. Loose garments are comfortable and don't restrict movement. They let my skin breathe and air flow through. Tight clothing binds me and makes me itchy, bitchy, and twitchy as the hours go on. My thoughts can also be either comforting or limiting.

The phrase got me curious about two things. Where did it originate? And why don't I more often think of my skin and how I am grateful for it? Good curiosity.

I thought the phrase was based in the Bible, but apparently it is attributed to St. Francis of Assisi. Much wisdom came from this former rich, party boy. Thank you St. Francis.

And our skin?  It is our largest organ system, though we often don't think of it that way. Reliable sources tell me it accounts for about 15% of our total body weight and we have something like 300 million skin cells. Wow! Amazing! 

Tune into your skin with mindful gratitude today and feel what you feel. Along the way, let go of any thoughts that crowd out the here and now. Have a good day! 

Here is a screen shot of some more fun facts about the integumentary system, just in case you are intrigued like I was: