How Enchanting

Today I am grateful for hindsight and foresight that sometimes blend nicely with the sight in front of me in this moment. Such a blend tends to realize deeper emotions, a more expansive flow of gratefulness. 

This current moment includes the sight of changing skies as the sun approaches the horizon. And also blossoms on a variety of flowers; some freshly bursting forth and others past their prime. It seems the sun and flowers also have hindsight and foresight.

There's good vision in this quote from Diane Ackerman as well: 

We can’t enchant the world, which makes its own magic; 
but we can enchant ourselves by paying deep attention.

So many amazing things go on around me. Nature is one of my best teachers. I try to sit up straight in my desk and be a good student with it every day. I love the seasons changing, coming and going. The patience required is a key lesson.

So many amazing things go on inside me. Blood flows. Oxygen circulates. Emotions bubble. Thoughts percolate. Love flows. No fairy tale. Just a deep sense of reality. Truly enchanting.